I have worked with hundreds of cottage owners over the years and I also own my own holiday cottage. Therefore I have a good understanding of the whole holiday cottage business and how I can make life easier for holiday cottage owners. For example, many cottages are owned by people who often live some distance away from the actual property; I am happy to arrange key collection and take care of the whole process if required. So I can collect keys, dress the property with suitable props (flowers, fresh bread etc) and return keys when finished. It just makes life easier for you if you can't be present. Going back to dressing the property: this is pretty well essential in my opinion. It really brings the property to life and helps potential guests actually see themselves in your cottage. A lot of photographers just take pictures with no thought of room presentation or dressing, which is a real shame.
I also work for many leading cottage agencies such as Crabtree & Crabtree, Large Holiday Houses, Stay Northumbria and Holidays at Home.

Once an appointment has been agreed, I will attend and take a good selection of photographs (we can have a chat about any particular requirements you may have beforehand). I will then make all images available to you and you can choose a certain number of these for a pre-agreed price. Extra images can be bought at an extra price. Prices start at £175 for a small shoot with your choice of 5 finished images. These tends to be suitable for small properties and in my experience most holiday property owners would opt for the next package along which is as above but with your choice of ten images; price for this is £250. Larger properties or properties with large comprehensive websites may prefer to choose a larger package which gives you the choice of thirty images for a price of £500.
Its often helpful to contact me for a chat about your individual requirements and we can confirm a price.

More details can be found on my 'Services and Prices' page.

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Holiday Property

Photographing a holiday cottage requires a very particular approach. There are so many holiday cottages out there that making your property stand out is essential if you are to get plenty of bookings. First of all I should mention that I have my own holiday cottage and have been involved in the holiday cottage world for 15+ years now. Unlike many photographers, I already work for some of the countries leading holiday cottage agencies, have an excellent understanding of how holiday cottage listing sites and agencies work and know what images produce enquiries.