Now I really don’t want to be a jack of all trades – I certainly won’t be photographing weddings and babies anytime soon – but food photography ties in very well with my work as a specialist interior photographer. I was constantly being asked by the owners of the hotels and restaurants that I was photographing, if I could offer this service. I completely understand the logic of professional food photography and while many establishments still use stock photographs, its so much better to show exactly what your kitchen or chef can deliver. The food you produce is unique and personal to your business and high quality images will undoubtedly reflect your values and give your guests a direct insight into the kind of quality they can expect from you and give a good reason to make a booking.

Good quality food photography always looks so easy but the reality is that it requires a special set of skills as well as a comprehensive set of specialist equipment and it’s an area in which I particularly enjoy working. I can work both on location or in studio as required and as ever, I’m most happy to chat about your requirements so please, just phone or email. See more.

Bake Sprinkle Torch
Bake Sprinkle Torch

Food Photography