Inside Story Newsletter - January 2018
Local Tourism Fair Dates
These events are organised primarily with owners of accommodation or tourism businesses in mind. They are an ideal opportunity to meet and network with other tourism business owners. In my experience, they are an excellent way of finding out what attractions may appeal to your guests and for discovering support services for the tourism industry. I will have stands at the Alnwick and Kelso fairs so please come and say hello if you are visiting.

March 7th Borders Business, Events and Tourism Fair at Springwood Park, Kelso, Scottish Borders
March 13th North Tourism Fair at Willowburn Sports and Leisure Centre, Alnwick, Northumberland
March 15th North Tourism Fair at Hexham Mart, Hexham, Northumberland
April 11th & 12th VisitScotland Expo at SEC (Scottish Event Campus), Finnieston, Glasgow.

Being Dog Friendly = More Bookings
The UK is a well-known nation of dog lovers with around one in three households owning a dog and many people consider their dogs to be an integral part of their family.
As a holiday home owner, its worth asking yourself whether you can really afford to ignore dog owners when marketing your cottage?
One holiday cottage agency (Classic Cottages in Cornwall who list over 1100 cottages on their site) decided to take a closer look at the figures to see if accepting dogs really made a difference to bookings. The reports showed that cottages that changed to accept one dog from no dogs experienced an average increase of 17% to their total income. Cottages that adapted to accept two dogs experienced an even bigger increase.
I know many holiday cottage owners are naturally wary about accepting dogs but with a few careful steps, its can be worth considering. This guide produced by Boshers Holiday Home Insurance covers many of the issues around accepting pets into holiday homes and is well worth a read. Here’s the link:

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage Marketing...

Happy Dog
Let's go for a walk
Doggy Holiday

Not Just Photography...
I meet many cottage owners who have previously used a professional photographer for their holiday cottage images, only to be disappointed with the outcome. Some of these photographers are very good indeed with good technique and have the correct technical approach. However, they seem to lack any sense of how a room should be styled in order to look its best. The resulting photo can be a little cold and lifeless.
I can’t emphasise enough how important styling is and I’d like to think that its one of the reasons that my property photography business is as busy and successful as it is. I always take a car-load of props to every shoot and I spend a lot of time dressing and styling a property long before any photos are taken. I often move furniture around, re-arrange lighting and add a few well chosen props and it simply makes a huge difference. Its all about understanding the holiday property market, having an eye for detail and working out what photos will help produce more bookings. We always need to bear in mind that we are trying to sell someone the dream of a holiday in your property: they are not going to buy your property. Its a crucial difference and a different approach is needed here. I’m always keen to chat with clients about how we can plan our approach to photographing your property so please feel free to contact me.

Breakfast in Bed
Good BBQ location
Sitting out area, Old Nedthorn Cottage
Breakfast with a view

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